Approving mobile game and operation development systems in Bangladesh

Approving mobile game and operation development systems:The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council( ECNEC) has approved the correction offer of the Mobile Games and Application Development Project. The total estimated cost of its perpetration has been fixed at 330 crore rupees. The entire quantum will be spent from government finances. The cost of the design has been increased three times.

This blessing was given in the meeting held at the NEC conference room in Sherbangla Nagar of the capital on Tuesday. It was presided over nearly from Ganobhaban by Prime Minister and ECNEC Chairperson Sheikh Hasina.

After the meeting, Minister of Planning MA Mannan and State Minister for Planning briefed the intelligencers. Shamsul Alam
In the briefing, Planning Minister MA Mannan said,” If the design related to mobile games and operations is enforced, it’ll be possible to turn a large number of youthful people of Bangladesh into professed force in mobile game and operation development through training.” piecemeal from this, in a state of growing frugality like Bangladesh, advanced technology- grounded mobile game apps will play an important part in starting original conditioning with technology.

The design was supposed to be enforced within two times. But the duration and cost have been extended constantly. As a result, it’s taking 7 times to apply. still, in this case, the reason of the nimbus epidemic has been given. That’s why the third correction of the design’ Skill Development of Mobile Games and Applications‘ is proposed.
The main conditioning under the design are training of 27 thousand 425 people, development of 289 mobile apps and games and setting up of mobile apps testing centers at 33 quarter situations. either, 8 departmental position mobile apps and game testing centers, 9 mobile apps and game development marketing and creation, 4 adviser service purchase and meeting price contingency charges.

According to the correction offer of the design, mobile apps and game development technology is considered as one of the diligence in the world. Developing mobile games and apps will come one of the most important sectors in the unborn global frugality. Especially in a sparsely populated country like Bangladesh where there’s considerable deficit of raw accoutrements for heavy artificial construction. That is why labor, gift, creativity grounded mobile games and apps development assiduity is veritably useful. A large part of the educated youth population in this country isunemployed.However, it’s possible to break the country’s severance problem and earn foreign exchange, If they’re involved in this assiduity through applicable training. On the one hand, they will be tone- sufficient, on the other hand, they will play an important part in achieving the profitable growth of the country. The reason for the design modification is said to be the addition of new conditioning. Under the design, 7 new conditioning, product of a 10- occasion amped movie’ Khoka’ on Bangabandhu’s nonage and 12 games will be created under the game- grounded Wave platform to connect children and adolescents with the Prime Minister. either, arrangements will be made for a virtual stint of the Liberation War Museum. On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of Independence, an animated movie named 50 Times Forward and a alternate interpretation of a mobile game on the Liberation War are being produced at the Liberation War Museum. A offer for making a 3D amped movie’ Russell Sona’ on the memoir of Sheikh Russell and setting up an vitality lab for the fine trades faculty of Dhaka University is being added. Under the design, the accumulated expenditure of the design on June 30 of this time has been 175 crore 4 lakh 54 thousand taka. fiscal progress has been62.12 percent and real progress is 79 percent.
According to sources, the original sanctioned cost of the design was Tk 281 crore 80 lakh 82 thousand. It was approved in the Ecnec meeting on June 14, 2016 for perpetration from July 2016 to June 2018. After that, the first correction of the design was brought by extending the perpetration period by one time i.e. till June 2019 without the cost of the design. It was approved by the Information and Communication Technology Department on July 4, 2018. latterly, on the recommendation of IMED, the duration of the design was extended by 2 times till June this time. The Planning Minister approved the alternate correction offer of the design on November 24, 2019, keeping the total cost of the design unchanged and adding some new factors. At present, the Third Amendment action has been taken to add some new conditioning for the factual requirements and to streamline the ongoing approved conditioning. In this case, the total estimated cost of Tk 330 crore is proposed to be enforced from July 2016 to June 2023.

In the design, the cost of consulting has increased to 4 crore 40 lakhs. At present, 3 crore 63 lakh 75 thousand taka was estimated for 9 advisers . Now 76 lakh 25 thousand taka has been increased and the total cost has been estimated at 4 crore 40 lakh taka.
Former Supereminent economist of the World Bank Dhaka office. Zahid Hossain told Jugantar that the real reason for the perpetration of the development design should be set up out ontime.However, it’s normal that the cost increases, If it isn’t completed on time. But who’ll bear the responsibility of this fresh cost? Along with that, the country is deprived of the benefits of completing the design on time. But the same thing is passing in all cases due to not holding the concerned responsible for the reasons why it didn’t end.

In response to a question, he said, colorful kinds of talk are heard about the cost of the consulting sector. There are more negative words in it. Hence the Planning Commission should check these charges especially. still, the Planning Commission frequently questions the fresh expenditure. But this isn’t the end of the responsibility.

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