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Almost everyone is familiar with Microsoft Excel. By performing data entry work with this office software on Fiverr and Upwork, you can make a sizable income. However, because this software is a formula-based program, and the more you learn and comprehend the formula, the more skilled you will become, the majority of people have little knowledge of or desire in utilizing it. I will therefore propose an AI website where you may automatically generate Excel formulas.

You can tell the BOT the English summary of your calculation on this website, and it will provide a formula. Below, I have described how it operates.

Site Link:https://excelformulabot.com/

  • Problem To Formula

First mention your problem in the box

  • Formula To Explanation

The AI BOT will show the explanation of the formula that will be given to you so that it is easy to understand

  • Get formulas faster with add-ons!

With the help of this site’s add-on, you can generate Formulas in Direct Excel Sheet in Side Bar

  • Put formulas into another language

Only 13 languages can be translated, and the rest are being worked on, is the last feature I’ll mention. There is no Bangla translation.

  • Features of the Free Plan

Monthly 05 Formula Generate
Formula Explanation, VBA, and Instruction are all included.
There is web accessibility.
Additionally, you have access to earlier requests (History).

There is no need for a credit card to create an account with Just Temp.mail (Free Plan). I hope you’ll find it beneficial.

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