Fujifilm Instax Link Wide Printer: Print It Wide, Live Life Wide

Say hello to the INSTAX LINK WIDE Smartphone Printer, your gateway to creating wide-format memories that capture the fullness of every moment. With Bluetooth connectivity and a range of creative features, this printer lets you bring your smartphone photos to life in a larger-than-life way.

Key Features:

  1. Simple Print: Connect your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth to the printer using the free LINK WIDE downloadable app. Choose the image from your camera roll, add text, resize, apply filters, and more. Swipe up on your photo and print effortlessly.
  2. Video Print: Bring videos to life by scrolling through your camera roll, selecting the perfect frame, and printing it in wide format. Add hidden messages or video links through QR codes for an interactive touch.
  3. Multi-Print: Share the joy with friends. Swipe up to print, and decide how many copies you want. Connect directly to a FUJIFILM X-S10 digital camera for added convenience.
  4. QR Modes: Add a QR code to your photo for extra content. Link to URLs, play recorded sounds, or share secret messages and locations, all accessible by scanning the QR code with your smartphone.
  5. Color Modes: Choose between INSTAX-Rich mode for vibrant colors and INSTAX-Natural mode for a more natural image quality. Tailor your photos to your preferred color output.



Creative Possibilities:

The INSTAX LINK WIDE Smartphone Printer opens up a world of creative possibilities with the free downloadable app:

  1. Editable Templates: Personalize your photos with over 30 editable templates, creating greeting cards, invitations, and more.
  2. Sketch, Edit & Print: Import text and sketches to customize your photos with a unique touch.
  3. Collage Print: Combine multiple images to craft fun collages directly from your smartphone.
  4. 1,600+ In-App Stickers: Choose from a vast selection of stickers to add playful elements to your photos.

Product Description:

Live life wide with the exciting INSTAX LINK WIDE Smartphone Printer. Create the largest prints in the INSTAX product line-up, capturing every detail of your cherished moments. With customizable features, QR modes, color options, and creative templates, this printer is designed to bring a new dimension to your instant photography experience. Available in Ash White and Mocha Gray, the INSTAX LINK WIDE is your ticket to printing it wide and living life to the fullest.




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