Hereta Spy Camera Glasses – Capture Moments Unnoticed

About this item:

The Hereta Spy Camera Glasses redefine discreet recording, offering video support for up to a 32GB TF card. This portable video recorder is equipped with features that seamlessly blend functionality with style.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Functionality:
    • Video recording and picture taking capabilities.
    • Wear it as a stylish accessory while discreetly capturing your surroundings.
  2. Webcam Mode:
    • Connect to your computer via USB to enter PC Camera (webcam) mode.
    • Ideal for online video chats, photo capture, and more.
  3. Time Stamp Feature:
    • Sync the spy camera time with your computer time.
    • Videos and images captured are stamped with the precise time of the recording.
  4. HD 1080P Resolution:
    • Features a 78-degree lens and 1/4 CMOS image sensor.
    • Records videos in .AVI format at 30fps for clear, high-quality footage.
  5. Convenient Charging and Viewing:
    • 1.5 hours for capturing and displaying video images.
    • Easily connects to PC via USB. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.
  6. Global Compatibility Note:
    • Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US.
    • International use may require an adapter or converter. Verify compatibility before purchasing.



Collect beautiful moments

Wear the spy camera glasses to immortalize your favorite moments: from sports events and exciting performances to joyous gatherings and weddings. Relive these precious memories on your computer whenever you desire.

Protective Utility:

Record important conversations or events discreetly, providing valuable evidence with time-stamped files. Your recorded footage becomes a reliable source of information.

Perfect Gift for Kids:

A perfect companion for kids, the spy camera glasses capture their experiences in the garden, at parties, or in class. Help them relive the joy or catch up on what they might have missed in school.




  • Video/Photo Resolution: 1920*1080P
  • Video Format: AVI
  • Charging Voltage: DC-5V
  • Charging Time: About 1.5 hours
  • Support System: Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Mac OS 10.4/Linux
  • Full Charge for Continuous Video: 80 minutes
  • Storage: Micro SD(TF) card, up to 32GB


  • For high-definition images, use the glasses in well-lit areas.
  • Reasons for automatic shutdown include a full TF memory card, low battery, or issues with the memory card.


  1. Glasses
  2. Charging cable
  3. Cleaning cloth
  4. Manual
  5. Glasses box



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