Highest Paying Ad Network For Android App 2022-2023

Although there are many methods to make money off mobile apps, in-app advertisements are probably the easiest and most well-liked.You will undoubtedly have to decide what monetization technology to utilize if you plan to develop a mobile app or currently have one. Then this list is for you if you prefer in-app advertising. For your convenience, we’ve compiled the top 10 mobile app monetization tools and ad networks.

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Google AdMob

AdMob was established in April 2006 as a platform for mobile advertising. And subsequently, in November 2009, Google bought it.

For mobile platforms like Android, iOS, WebOS, Flash Lite, Windows phones, and all mobile web browsers, AdMob provides advertising solutions.Google updated AdMob in 2013 to make it an AdSense alternative for mobile publishers. The largest mobile ad network in the world right now is AdMob, which asserts to offer more than 40 billion mobile ads monthly.

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The most well-known ad monetization method for mobile game apps is Unity Ads. Additionally, it’s the only service of its sort to optimize for LTV. Android and iOS apps are supported by Unity. You can use them to display a variety of adverts, including augmented reality (AR) ads, banners, playable ads, movies, and others. The following currencies are supported by Unity: USD, EUR, JPY, KRW, CNY, and BRL.

The platform works with Android 2.3 and later, iOS 4.0 and later, and all game engines, including Corona, Marmalade, and Adobe Air, among others, providing it a wide market reach. Due to its compatibility with SkyRocket and MoPub plug-ins, it is also prepared for mediation.


StartApp’s clever targeting and creative ad units can help you achieve high eCPMs and fill rates. Interstitial, Playable, Video, 360 Ads, Virtual Reality, Splash, and MREC Banners are the seven types of advertisements they offer.

StartApp assists publishers in obtaining the most interesting adverts through these different ad formats.

Yandex, Oracle, Oath, and Baidu are among the companies that have worked with the business and employ its technology and data solutions.

Meta’s Audience Network

With your iOS or Android app, the Meta (Facebook) Audience Network will assist you in generating revenue. A mobile app that is available on the Google Play Store or the App Store, as well as a Facebook account, are required to start making money.

As a Google mobile ad network, Meta Audience Network operates globally and supports the DIY monetization strategy so you can quickly and easily set up and start making money from advertisements.


Each month, Applovin connects with more than 1.5 billion devices worldwide. Real-time app analytics are part of it. This service supports a variety of advertisements, including banners, playable advertising, skippable and non-skippable films, and incentivized videos.

At its core, AppLovin is designed to promote the mobile app ecosystem using the most cutting-edge technology available to provide developers with the best possible outcomes. We’ve helped our app developers achieve over 12+ billion installs because we’re building and inventing for performance-driven technologies with a rigorous focus on execution.


A mobile app advertising platform called AdColony was created by app developers for other app developers. For video commercials, it provides Instant-PlayTM HD video, AuroraTM HD Interactive video, and other playable technologies. As a result, it increases user engagement with mobile app ads by displaying only top-notch advertising material.

It offers cross-platform monetization on the Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. Publishers can alter the display creatives’ content, typeface, and colors to increase reader engagement. Additionally, it provides HD grade creatives for video advertisements.

AdColony primarily uses the CPM model, although it also supports the CPA, CPC, CPCV, and CPI models. Payment is credited via cheque, ACH, PayPal, and wire transfer on a monthly basis.

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