Overview: Portable Blender – USB Rechargeable Smoothie Blender

🍉 100% Food Grade Material:

– Crafted with food-grade materials, this smoothie blender is BPA-free, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. The non-slip gel pad bottom ensures stability, and its shock-absorbent design prevents excessive shaking, allowing you to savor fresh, nutrient-rich smoothies, protein shakes, and more.

🍍 Powerful 6-Blade Stainless Steel System:
– Equipped with six 304 stainless steel blades capable of reaching 22,000 RPM, effortlessly crush fruits, vegetables, and small ice cubes. Experience the convenience of making your favorite healthy drinks and shakes anytime, anywhere.



🍑 Built-in Rechargeable Battery:
– Featuring a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, this portable blender is USB rechargeable. Charge it via a power bank, AC adapter, or computer in just 3-5 hours. A fully charged battery can produce 15-20 cups of juice, making it perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. (Note: Initial use requires a full 3-5 hours charge.)

🍒 Versatile & Portable Smoothie Blender:
– Ideal for single-serve smoothies, salad dressings, blended juices, mixed fruits and vegetables, coffee, protein shakes, baby food, or formula. Enjoy the flexibility of blending and drinking directly from the cup. Its portability makes it suitable for the kitchen, office, travel, camping, fishing, and outdoor activities.

🍎 Easy-to-Use & Clean:
– The power button indicates the blender’s status, ensuring safe operation. A flashing red light signals it’s not ready, while a flashing blue light indicates readiness. The double-tap power button switch prevents accidental activation. Cleaning is a breeze—just add water and blend until clean.



Tips Upon Receipt:
– ⚠ Safety First:
– Do not put hands inside the blender or attempt to touch the blades.
– Avoid using the blender while charging or running it without any contents inside.
– Discourage hot liquids above 50 degrees to prevent damage or leakage.

✅ Pre-Use Recommendations:
– Charge the blender before the first use. Red light during charging; blue light when fully charged.
– Cut ingredients into small chunks for optimal blending.
– Add liquid, such as water or milk, before blending.
– Ice blending is possible; ensure sufficient liquid and use smaller cubes.

Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. International users should check compatibility and may need an adapter or converter for use in their destination.






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