Swiffer Electronic Mosquito Lamp – Eco-Friendly Bug Trap

Experience mosquito-free living with the Swiffer Electronic Mosquito Lamp. This eco-friendly bug trap is safe for all and provides a powerful solution for trapping mosquitoes, fruit flies, bugs, and gnats physically.



Key Features:

  1. Safe for All:
    • Physically traps mosquitoes and various flying insects without harmful chemicals.
  2. Powerful Suction:
    • The updated vortex fan boasts 2 times the suction power of ordinary fans, ensuring effective insect capture.
  3. Widespread Attracting Light:
    • High-power purple light with enhanced penetration and range attracts a larger number of mosquitoes.
  4. Easy to Operate:
    • Simple one-press operation to activate the bug-trapping mechanism.
  5. Easy Carrying:
    • Detachable carry handle allows for convenient portability, making it suitable for various locations.
  6. Quiet Operation:
    • Low-noise performance ensures a peaceful environment for you and your loved ones, promoting a good night’s sleep.
  7. Safe for Wooden Buildings:
    • Uses no high-voltage electricity, eliminating the risk of fire in wooden houses.
  8. Easy to Use & Clean:
    • Insects are attracted to the light source and trapped in the mosquito killer.
    • One-press power button for easy activation.
    • Removable tray at the bottom facilitates effortless cleaning.
  9. USB Powered:
    • Powered by USB, connect to an adapter, power supply, computer, or any device with a USB port.
    • Convenient for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring a mosquito-free space wherever there’s a power supply.
  10. 365 Nm Light Wave:
    • Releases a light wave of 365 Nm in length, specifically designed to attract mosquitoes.



EASY TO USE & CLEAN: The trap efficiently captures insects attracted to the light, and the removable tray at the bottom makes cleaning a breeze.

USB POWERED: With USB connectivity, you can power this bug zapper using an adapter, power supply, computer, or any device with a USB port. Versatile and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

365 Nm LIGHT WAVE: The mosquito killer lamp emits a light wave of 365 Nm, tailor-made for attracting mosquitoes.

Say goodbye to pesky insects with the Swiffer Electronic Mosquito Lamp – a reliable, eco-friendly solution for a bug-free environment.


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