Xiaomi Magic Camera: A Compact 2-in-1 Solution for Vlogging and Surveillance

Product Overview: The Xiaomi Magic Camera / aka Pocket Camera, crafted by Shanghai MeetVR Tech. Co., Ltd., introduces a unique blend of features catering to both daily vlogging and home surveillance needs. This innovative camera, weighing a mere 85 grams, is designed with non-professional users in mind. The detachable magnetic parts on the back allow versatile shooting, whether indoors or outdoors. Additionally, a base part facilitates home monitoring, addressing the issue of idle cameras after moving shots and maximizing their residual value.


Key Features:

  1. Movable Shooting Camera:
    • Designed for non-professional users.
    • Detachable magnetic parts for shooting anywhere.
  2. Dual Functionality:
    • Use for daily vlogging or home surveillance.
    • Ideal for monitoring pets, children, or elders when away from home.
  3. HD Recording and 360 Rotation:
    • 2.5K resolution for high-quality videos.
    • 120 degrees wide-angle view.
    • 360-degree rotation for flexible viewing angles.
  4. Compact and Portable:
    • Weighs only 85 grams, making it perfect for travel and vlogging.
    • Magnetic back for easy attachment to smooth surfaces.
  5. WiFi Connectivity:
    • Features WiFi direct view for viewing recorded videos on a mobile phone.
    • Control and move the camera using your mobile phone.
  6. Night Vision and Motion Detection:
    • Equipped with infrared for motion detection.
    • Auto intelligence feature for recording videos when motion is detected.
  7. Long Battery Life:
    • Built-in 700mAh lithium battery for extended usage.
  8. Versatile Usage:
    • Functions as a video recorder and home surveillance device.
    • Dedicated stand for desktop surveillance with 360-degree rotation.


Verdict: The Xiaomo Magic Camera stands out for its compact design and dual functionality, serving as an ideal companion for both travel and home monitoring. With features like HD recording, WiFi connectivity, night vision, and motion detection, it caters to the needs of vloggers, travelers, and those seeking a reliable home surveillance solution. While it may be on the expensive side, its versatility and features make it a worthwhile investment.


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